The Lion King Hero

     Hi, there! Welcome back to my blog, so here is a paragraph for you.

     The heros from The Lion King and my hero have some similarities that I’ve noticed. Some hero’s from The Lion King are Simba, Mufasa, ans Nala. They are all brave, strong, smart and quick witted. My hero is one of my teachers, Mrs. Louden. She is caring, smart, silly, fun, respectful, brave, and quick witted. They are alike in some ways too. All of them are, respectful, caring, kind, and quick-witted. Also they help other people, and Mrs. Louden does this thing called ‘Walk To Remember’. The Walk to Remember is a fundraiser to help remember all the babies that have died soon after being born. That makes her caring and selfless.  Those are the similarities between The Lion King’s hero’s and my hero.

Thank you for reading about my heros! See you next time!

Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Hi, welcome to my new post! So, I was tasked with writing why I think we should or shouldn’t get kicked off extra curricular activities for what we post online. We were given a passage/piece to read. One teacher said, “I HATE THEIR GUTS! They are all the devils spawn!” about her students. Then she got fired not that long after the incident. So these are my thoughts,


I believe that you should get kicked off extra curricular activities for what you post. If you are posting negative things, you are giving your team (if your on one) a bad reputation. Other people will think that your team does negative things, and are bad people.  Also, people might see what you posted and think that you are a bad teammate. If you post something like, ‘Ugh, why do I have to do this!’ about your activity, they won’t think that you work very hard. Lastly, they might think that you are a bad person or two-faced, thus resulting in a bad reputation. They might see you talking about someone (making fun of them) and thus resulting in you getting a bad reputation. That is why I think you should get kicked off extra curricular activities for what you post.


20% 20% 20% #2

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I’ve been feeling joyful about this whole project. Like that I get to help teach kids about some animals. I’m normally good at teaching so I have high hopes for myself.

 One of the major accomplishments that we’ve accomplished is getting a mentor. Our mentor is a fourth grade teacher at my elementary school. She likes animals and was a vet. Also I know her personally so I can contact her without stress.

My December goals are to make sure we have everything we need to get done…done by the deadlines, so that we arent trying to get everything done in  short period of time.

Show of your skills/ me talking about astronomy

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 Honestly I really like astronomy. When it comes to stars, planets, constellations I’m interested in it. But first lets start with constellations, (constellations are my favorite out of the three) there are 13 ones that I know a lot about, these constellations are called the zodiac signs. Here are the 13, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, (the newest) Ophiuchus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. There are the fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Then the earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. Then the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Then the air signs: Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.

Aries is usually independent, daring, incisive, but also impatient. Taurus is usually super reliable, artistic, practical, but lazy. Gemini is usually expressive, good communication, cheerful, but untidy. Cancer (my sign and my favorite) is usually deeply intuitive, most are introverts, passionate, and has good emotional strength, but clingy to close ones. Leo is basically the opposite of Cancer, they are extroverts, loud, and bright, but also want to be the center of attention most of the time. Virgo is tidy (so organized), modest, capable, but serious. Libra is kind, fabulous, warm, but can be jealous.

Scorpio is secretive, kind, but they are power-orientated. Sagittarius is outgoing, bright, and compassionate. Capricorn are determined, conservative, but bland. Aquarius are independent, free-spirited, eccentric. Pisces are VERY friendly, selfless, and kind.

Holiday Time!

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My favorite holiday is Christmas. Here are some of my traditions for Christmas

We put up our tree on the day after thanksgiving. My mom puts up the lights then my sister and I put up the ornaments. Then we put on different flavored candy canes….and before Christmas they are all gone (my sister and I always eat them).

My mom, my aunt, my sister, and I always make cookies (and we eat them on the same day). We make them from scratch. Then we cut them out with different cookie cutters then bake them. After that we left them cool then frost them (My aunt does the best). Then we eat one of them and save the rest for Christmas day.

We always go to families houses and eat and open presents. I bring some things that I got for Christmas so I’m not bored. I bring a sketch book (I go through sketch books quickly). Then I draw the things in the house (usually the Christmas or stockings).

Principal Peyton

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If I were principal for a week I would try to be the best principal I can. Like helping students and not being that strict principal everyone hates (hate is a strong word…how about isn’t fond of.) My plan if I was principal would be to lift stress of the students, so less hard work (there would still be difficult work but not as much of it.) I would try to make the school have good food, not a lot of stress on the students and make it amazing all around

If I were a teacher for a week I would try to be understanding. Like if they forget something (if they forget it more than twice a week then…trouble.) My plan would be to be the nicest teacher they’ve met, to not give out homework that often because I know they will have more homework in other subjects. And for me,I know A LOT of homework leads to stress…, and that isn’t good. Then combined with after school activities meas less time to do them.

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My project is for awareness for different breeds of animals (hamster, dogs etc., but these are just thoughts) by teaching about them at a daycare.

I am feeling excited. I feel excited because I really like what we are doing. I feel passionate.I feel passionate because I love animals (of any kind). Also I feel nervous. I feel nervous because I feel like we don’t have as much time as I would like.

One of my major goals for this week is to meet up at the place we are spreading awareness for the animals. We are spreading awareness at a daycare, and one of my partners go there daily, but I have a busy schedule (archery Monday through Thursday) and I am only free Friday though Sunday. Our deadline for this is sometime next week. We are going to achieve this by just meeting up at the daycare.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Copying things

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You should only post things that aren’t yours if you have permission and you cite where you found it and who it belongs to.

NOW FOR A POEM *coughs*..sorry…now for a poem

Spooky moon up in the sky

Shining the brightest yellows

Surrounded by a mix of colors

Purple, red, and blue


In the center is a black cat

As black as midnight

With yellow glowing eyes

It stares into your soul

Comment Challenge!

I do archery too, and I’m on gray’s team also. I liked how you gave tips on how to get better.

This is my comment that i commented on

I chose this blog to comment on because I love archery too (It’s my passion).

I relate to this author because I love archery too and I’m also on Gray’s team too.

The reason I left the comment I left is, because I like archery and I’m on gray’s team too, so we have something in common.

Why my avatar represents me…

 Face your manga

My avatar represents me because it looks like me. I have brown hair, blueish green eyes. I also do the peace sign A LOT, just ask my friends. Also I have a necklace that has a light lavender gem in it. My hair is wavy and it’s difficult to control at times (a lot). Also because I am pale, really pale…(I don’t go out much). And I’m currently wearing a black shirt.